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The philosophy of the AIre project is a desire to improve well-being for people around the world, not only physically, but also mentally and socially. AIre’ s vision is to empower individuals through the rights to their data and the value their data holds. The ecosystem will include participants of many kinds, ranging from individuals to large data corporations. Participants will be able to transact with each other, protected by the “rule of code” enforced with smart contracts deployed onto a blockchain network. This enables businesses to buy and sell data while being compliant with personal data regulations, ultimately improving their data analytics capabilities and deriving meaningful insights. Individuals who provide information to data banks will be protected by a high level of privacy and receive rewards based on input data and it is used. Buying and selling data is increasingly becoming a major part of our lives, Aire’ s proposed ecosystem will make buying and selling data an integrated part of our lives whilst ensuring privacy and fair distribution of data trade.

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