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Resistance was built by a team of cybersecurity experts with the core values of privacy, decentralization, and democratic mining at the forefront of its development.

The fundamental principle of privacy is at the heart of Resistance, which harnesses the power of zero-knowledge proofs to ensure users' payment transactions remain private, and Tor to shield your IP at every step.

Tor can be turned on or off with the click of a button, while the Resistance coin, RES, can be used as an intermediary to ensure private trading on ResDEX.

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Offen $0,0018
Niedrig $0,0017
Hoch $0,0029
Preis in BTC 0.00000026626117 BTC
Zirkulierende Coins 60.000.000 RES
Insgesamte Coins 60.000.000 RES
Marktkapitalisierung $174.952
24h-Volumen (Coin) 1.837.396 RES
24h-Volumen (Währung) $5.358
24h Gesamtvolumen (Münze) 3.784.380 RES
24h Gesamtvolumen (Währung) $11,03K
Zuletzt aktualisiert 2020-09-20 06:02:08 +02:00 CEST
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